Skylight: The World’s First Smart Passport Wallet

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Having traveled to a dozen countries and lots of cities around the world, I’m always excited every time I’m going some place new. Something about a trip, the view from 1000 miles high, and exploring a place that’s new to me feels so fulfilling. After all we only have so much time here on this beautiful planet.
With that being said, I love learning about accessories and new travel hacks to help me along the way. Just recently I was introduced to one of the coolest products I’ve seen in a long time. Its called “Skylight: The World’s First Smart Passport Wallet”. Basically, it’s this awesome slim passport holder that holds all your essentials you would normally have scattered in different pockets at the airport, into one place. It not only holds your boarding pass, passport, cash and cards, but even your headphones, comes with a ballpoint micro pen to fill out customs, and the best part, it can charge your smartphone fully, twice! It works for Iphone, Android, Huawei, even Google Pixel.
For me it’s such a life saver. No one likes a dead cell phone in a random country or having to bring an adapter when traveling internationally. That’s why the built in power bank is crucial. God knows when I’m at the airport, and I’m having to empty out all my pockets on the tray at the customs security check, and then stuff them back into my pockets is so annoying, especially when someone is behind you. And it looks really classy.
The founders Farouq & Samira are a brother and sister duo that just launched the Skylight Smart Passport Wallet on Indiegogo and are live now, starting at just $45 each (50% OFF) which is a steal since that’s the price of a normal passport holder.  They are accepting pre-orders right now and shipping in September. I would recommend this product to anyone who travels as it will make things so much easier the next time you’re going on a trip.
With over 10 innovative functions and features, our smart passport holder allows you to travel with peace of mind worry-free.

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