Things you can do ALONE this Valentine’s Day

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I have listed the top 10 things you can do ALONE this Valentine’s Day.

1. Watch a movie. Who said you can’t watch movie alone on valentine’s day? If you’re a guy it means you can save some money since you only have to pay for one ticket. But If you’re a girl, it just means you have to stop playing hard to get so someone will pay for your ticket next time. Haha! (Peace Yo!)





2. Go to a fancy restaurant. TREAT YOURSELF once in a while.







3. Adopt a dog or a cat. They’ll stay loyal and will never leave you. (Hugot!)






4. Buy yourself a gift. Not just every Valentine’s day but whenever you can.










5. Go to a Karaoke bar. Sing your heart out but don’t cry. Bohemian Rhapsody will be a good choice! LOL







6. Chop some onions. So no one will know that you have REAL TEARS for being ‘FOREVER SINGLE! Haha!








7. Watch K-Drama online. It’s free! Then go out and ask a random guy if he likes Messi. XD






8. Stay away from Facebook and Instagram for few days.










9. If none of these will make you happy, go ahead and steal someone else’s boyfriend/girlfriend. I’M KIDDING!!!







10. And lastly, give yourself a pat on the back for achieving great things alone. Being single may not be your choice but being happy should.








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