Mother Of The Nation Festival

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“The Mother of the Nation Festival celebrates, commemorates and honours the inspirational values of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak.”


The whole festival runs from March 26 – April 4, 2017.


It is along Corniche Road. It will cost you around 20 AED if you take a taxi from the Abu Dhabi bus station.


Ticket price is 20 AED.


The festival has 4 entrances and 6 different zones:



There so many activities you can do. Mostly for kids, though.


Kids can enjoy zipline, sand box, outdoor painting, big-floating balloons, and more.



There are loads of food carts and souvenir stalls.



Visitors can enjoy teepees, hammocks and a bicycle that can light up a tree.



There are 2 giant board games!!!! Which I think is really cool!



They have jugglers and a sand artist.



Who wouldn’t enjoy dinner by the beach?



They also have “Chef Challenge” where 2 chefs will compete and the audience will be the judge.



And the most unique things are the fireworks display that can be controlled by kids’ hand gestures, colorful containers and a guy that plays music using tubes and slippers.



If you can find time today until Tuesday, please make sure you pay it a visit. You and your kids will love it!


The festival is open from 4PM to 12MN.



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