One Day Adventure in Dubai

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Everyone knows that Dubai is a pretty expensive city. Actually according to Atlas and Boots, last 2016, Dubai ranked 21st on the list of World’s Most Expensive Cities For Expats. I suddenly wondered, where can actually 15 AED take you? On average, it’s just the price of a super value meal in a fast food restaurant. So I have decided to go on an adventure with only 15 AED budget to find out how far that small amount of money can take me.

I started my adventure in Dubai Abra. It is a boat ride across Dubai Creek. If you go there early, you can avoid a really long queue.

The fare is 1 AED for one way. Surprised? Yeah it’s ONLY 1 AED. Some people actually don’t know that there are things you can do in Dubai that are really cheap like this one.


It was a good feeling to be away from the busy streets of Dubai, sitting on a boat and just enjoying the view. Who would have thought that a boat ride will only cost you a dirham?


There were fishing vessels and birds flying along the way. And 2 guys having a photoshoot. LOL


I have taken a round trip so it has cost me 2 AED.

Just beside port where all the boats are docked, there’s a market where you can buy souvenirs, some local clothing and textiles. You can also have chai and samosa if ever you get hungry. 1 chai and 1 samosa will cost you 2 AED (1 AED each). I didn’t have it though as I was still full since I already had breakfast before I left home.


After looking around, I walked straight to the bus station. It was almost a 5-minute walk. I took bus no. 12. My next destination… the Box Park. Bus from the bus station to the box park only costs you 3 AED.


Just like what their website says, BOXPARK combines shopping and dining experiences in a hip & offbeat urban setting. It’s a shopping district constructed out of warehouse and shipping containers which is really cool. Though I heard that it’s way cooler at night. I’ll come back next time to make sure I see it. The district offers FREE WIFI to all. Wooohoooo! So this is like heaven for some people without internet at home. LMAO


I didn’t take long. I took bus no. 93 and went straight to the Dubai Zoo. By the way, you should be taking bus no. 12 not 93. I took the wrong bus to so it was 2 bus stops short. So I had to walk for 10 minutes. Phew!

TIP: If you ride another bus in less that 30 minutes after you got off the first one, your ride is free.

Bought a zoo ticket that costs 2 AED. Don’t get your expectations really high because this is not as big as that in Al Ain. Haha.. But worth the 2 AED so go ahead and give it a try.


It rained for a bit so I had to run to the nearest bus stop.

[UPDATE] The 50-year-old Jumeirah Zoo will be closed on November 5, 2017 in preparation for the opening of the Dubai Safari project, Dubai Municipality announced on Wednesday. Read full story here.

After Dubai Zoo, I took bus no. 88 and headed to the Sailing Club. 5 AED was deducted from my bus card. There you can find private Yachts and fishing vessels. This is also a place where you can buy CHEAP seafood. If you’re on a budget and craving for seafood, this is the place to be.


Two minutes away is the Jumeirah Beach. From there you will see people swimming and kiteboarding. Colorful kites look amazing! It’s a public beach so you can go for a swim if you want to.


My next stop…… the infamous Burj Al Arab. I took bus no. 88 and cost me 3 AED. Most tourists are only allowed to take picture from the main gate. If you want to go inside, you need to have an advance reservation or booking. This is one of the few seven star hotels in the world. Just near the gate, you can also find Wild Wadi, one of Dubai water parks.


Three minutes walk from Burj Al Arab is the Madinat Jumeira. It’s a modern-like version of Emarati Villages. It has hotel, restaurants and shops. This is where you can eat and have any alcoholic drink at the same time. This is my happy place!! Haha!


This is where my mini adventure ends. I have broken down the total cost below.

2 AED                    Dubai Abra
3 AED                    Bus from Bus Station to Box Park
2 AED                    Dubai Zoo
5 AED                    Bus from Dubai Zoo to Sailing Club
3 AED                    Bus from Sailing Club to Burj Al Arab

15 AED                  TOTAL


Dubai tours don’t always need to be very expensive. There are things you can do for a very small amount of money that can give you the same joy and happiness. It’s just a matter of perspective.


P.S. I had a pint of beer, chicken wings and egg noodles before I returned home. A small reward for working so hard all these years.  :p

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