5 Reasons Why Thailand Is The Worst Country In The World

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It makes me wonder why people choose Thailand when there are so much better countries to explore. I’ve been to Thailand multiple times and I still don’t understand why for some people, it is worth coming back to.

Here’s 5 reasons why Thailand is the worst country in the world.


Food in Thailand are just bland. They never use spices. If you search google for Thai food, you will see how people talk about it for being awful. You just won’t try it again. I just don’t understand why there’s a Thai restaurant in every country in the world. Have you ever heard of Pad Thai or Tom Yum Goong? They’re so bad. Here are some photos. Be the judge.


Nightlife in Thailand is very boring. They don’t party at all. You wouldn’t find people partying on the street. Trust me, Khaosan Road is the worst place you can ever end up to. The vibe is very depressing. You wouldn’t find a single person that’s having a good time. Please make sure you don’t end up there.


Thailand, as everyone knows is the last place in the world the that you would think of when it comes to shopping. Malls aren’t that great. And who would want to visit the Chatuchak Weekend Market where everything is expensive? Ugh! If you ever plan to go to Thailand, make sure it’s not on your list. You will regret coming there.


Some people say that beaches in Thailand are out of this world. I disagree. I don’t see the reason why these beaches with emerald and blue waters, a beach where you can play with some wild monkeys or a beach surrounded by lime stones receive such praises. I mean, we can also find these kinds of beaches in every country. Please reconsider your plans visiting these places. You’ll be wasting your time.


Thai people are the most inhospitable people I know. They never smile. They’re so snob that when you ask random people for some directions they will never bother to entertain you. The tone of their voice isn’t sweet at all. When you enter shops or any establishment, they always fail to greet you. They will make you feel you’re not welcome at all.

Okay. After reading the first reason, I’m sure you already knew that I was being sarcastic. Everything I said is the exact opposite of what I actually experienced. If you read all 5 reasons again without those letters highlighted in Red, you’ll see 5 reasons why Thailand Is The Best Country In The World. Thailand is by far my most favorite country ever. I’ve been there 10 times now and will keep coming back. Food, Nightlife, Shopping, Beaches and People are the main reasons why it is a country that’s worth coming back to. So go ahead, book a flight, pack your bags and just go.

“To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.” – Aldous Huxley

10 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Thailand Is The Worst Country In The World

  1. This blog is such a unique and attention sucker! ? It rambled my mind. I’ve been to thailand twice and I couldn’t agree more with those 5 reasons. Exactly the same reasons why I am even thinking again to go to thailand (but mainly for shopping! Hahaha). Thailand is a must and worth the travel. Both times I travelled to Thailand are very memorable for me. It was my first time to travel solo, and the first country that I travelled with my bf right now. Great work Alex! Keep it up!

  2. 1) Thai people are rude and have always this fake Thai smile only when you pay them
    2) Beaches are nice but not that nice for swimming… There are maaany more places with way more beautifull waters
    3) NO English
    4) Zero safety
    5) If anyone needs to be in a clinic or even public hospital wich is sooo dirty even with travel ins first you will have to pay tons of money and maybe take money back from ins when you already back home
    6) Dirty unclean streets and people
    All these apply to the 90%
    This is my opinion for Thailand with kindnes and respect

    1. Sorry Paninho but I beg to disagree. Been there more than a dozen times. Thais are one of the most wonderful people in Asia. There are places that are a bit dirty but so is every country. You might need to stay more to fully understand and appreciate Thailand.?

  3. hi alexson. have you ever practiced vipassana meditation. i am not looking to convert you to Buddhism. but every religion could do it for relax your body and your mind. if you tired to explore many places. i suggest you come and visit at singburi. hidden wonders waiting there good luck ?

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